Dear Jay & Vicki,

I would like to take the time to say a huge thank you to both you and your lovely staff for the super-awesome time Farrah had at camp this summer. This was the first year I sent Farrah away to a summer camp, and what an amazing experience it was for her! Thanks to you all, my daughter has the most precious memories of a lifetime. She has not stopped raving about her experiences with you since she got home yesterday. My daughter made wonderful friends at your camp. She looked forward to Chapel Hill where Jay talked about life and had "deep talks" with the kids. Farrah enjoyed all of your camp activites and songs. She really did have "THE TIME OF HER LIFE" and that is all thanks to you. She has her heart with Camp Nokomis and I am so happy as a mother that you all gave my daughter such a wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy which you all brought to her life.

Sincerely grateful, Natasha (parent)

Dear Jay,

I have a child that's unhappy! She wants to come and live with Jay, Vicki, Zak, and Noah. She'd like to be referred to as Payton Haddad. The fact that I carried her in my womb is apparently neither here nor there. In other words, she's a traitor. Aside from that, everything's fine! She had a FANTASTIC time and she'll definitely be back next year. She wants to go for a month. I'm saying 2 weeks should just about do it!

Thanks! Katharine MacLean (parent)